The Watkins Dictionary of Dreams

Interpreting your dreams can be extremely enlightening, expanding your capacity for awareness and self-understanding, but it should also be entertaining, leaving room for happy discoveries about yourself and your hidden desires.

Mario Reading's exhaustive research has drawn on folklore and fine art, superstition and science, and readings of the great psychologists, philosophers and dream interpreters; his interpretations are original, based on readings and extrapolations from the work of all those great dream psychologists, from Plato to Jung and beyond. He reveals the meaning of virtually every symbol known to dream analysts, and includes innumerable strange facts, including dreams that have averted disasters or changed history, dreams from the Bible and other religious texts, and dreams that have influenced films, books, music, art, and popular culture.

A unique feature of the book is the scattering throughout the text, of short extracts from poetry, literature, film, and dream diaries that shed an entertaining and often amusing light on the otherwise serious entries. It is an incomparable work of reference.

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