The Music-Makers

"Jonathan Audley has been given the all-clear after his cancer treatment and can now get on with the rest of his life. The trouble is, he has never moved on from the day almost thirty years ago when he betrayed Franics, the only woman he ever truly loved.

Theirs was a childhood of innocence, of shared carefree summer holidays at the big house, and of running away from Clara and Lida, their tedious younger sisters. As the years passed, the two developed a passionate relationship, defying their parents' wishes and living life to the full, tasting rebellion and planning their forbidden future together. Yet jealousy was never far away and it was only a matter of time before Clara destroyed the delicate status quo.

Once shattered, could the fragments of their former love ever be pieced together to form some kind of friendship? As he travelled back to the house for his aunt Helen's funeral, Jonathan was about to find out."

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